Friday, September 25, 2009

"Shuk Shuk" 叔叔

Don't know why Shenny always so friend to her youngest uncle (叔叔) eventhough she only meets him once a year either in Hong Kong or Holland. Mama said "both of them 有缘 (similar liking). Dragon(龙) and phoenix(凤)(Shenny borned in chicken year, so it is called 凤) are 合得来 (good match)". Shenny never hides her feeling when she likes someone. She always tells mommy and papa "I like shuk shuk (叔叔)".

(Shenny was excited to have an outing with 叔叔. 2009)

(Shenny was lazy to walk, asked 叔叔 to piggy-back her. 2009)

(Shenny requested to sit next to 叔叔 in a restaurant, 2009)

(Had quiet moment with 叔叔 in Hong Kong. 2008)

(Shenny did a funny dance to 叔叔 in Holland, 2007)

(Took a photo before leaving for Malaysia, 2007)

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