Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Heartfelt Thanks Drawing

Shenny made this heartfelt drawing for her beloved music teacher, Kelly, after two years learning music from her.

Shenny will move on to her real piano lesson next month onwards. And her new coaching teacher will be different.

Shenny's teacher, Kelly was really surprise and asked mommy whether I helped her to come out idea in drawing. Mommy's answer was "No". This drawing was from her own imagination. The only papa hinted Shenny was that she needed to draw something that related to her teacher.

Below is the explanation of Shenny of her picture (which carries some stories).
" My music techer kelly and her hasband were married and they lived in a castle. Everyday, the castle will have rainbow to say "good morning", "good afternoon" and "good night". The castle is very special because it is golden.

And they grow flowers, so that they could see butterflies. But there are not any butterfly there because they have gone with their honey. "


Sheoh Yan said...

Shenny is really a very creative and talented kid, be it in music or art. She shows her interest and talent in these two areas.

Alice Law said...

Guess she really love her music teacher, I have noticed she always present gifts to her!

Lovely drawing that filled with endless imagination!

Have a great weekend!

Merryn said...

that is one amazing masterpiece!

ChloeRuoyi said...

Shenny has a great imagination and she can put her ideas on paper so well. I agree with Sheoh Yan that she is super talented in art and music! :)

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