Sunday, October 4, 2009


Shenny received a Hello Kitty (Painting by Numbers) gift from her papa's cousin sister during her visit in The Netherlands.

Shenny likes the gift very much and has long to paint it. Since mommy was busy (lazy??) most of time, therefore she never had chance to do it.
Today(Sunday), mommy was out of blue to ask her to take out the gift and wanted her to do painting. Shenny was very excited.

After reading the booklet instruction, mommy realized this painting was for 6 year old children, however, mommy still wanted Shenny to have a go with it.
Before begin painting, mommy asked Shenny to use normal color pencil to color the sample sheet first. This was to make sure that she understood what color to paint on each number.

When mommy told her to begin her actual painting, Shenny was very excited. Shenny did most of painting except the final outline. She was very careful to paint. She checked across the sample sheet she colored earlier from time to time to make sure she got the color correct.

(Shenny concentrated in painting)

She tried to paint the color within the line, however, since her grips on the paint brush still not very firm, therefore, some part of paintings was a bit messy.

(Shenny's paint)

Mommy then decided to help her in the final touch (draw the black colour outline) and framed it.

Finally, Shenny jokingly claimed herself "I am a good artist".

Thanks for the gift from aunty Yee Wah. For her gift, Shenny get the opportunity to explore her first experience and talent in painting at home as normally she only does painting in art class or school. :D

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Health Freak Mommy said...

That's a very beautiful HK painting set. And Shenny is sure one lucky girl to be able to travel to so many places at such a young age.

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