Sunday, October 4, 2009

Letter to papa

After dinner, Shenny suddenly in a mood wanted to write a letter to her papa although her papa was at home. She told her papa about her intention. Papa said "Ok". She took out a piece of paper and then sat at our coffee table. Before writing, she first sticked a windmill sticker at corner of the paper. This sticker was a gift from a shop keeper when we visited Kinderdijk, The Netherlands. After had done that, she began to write. She made her own sentences and would stop occasionally to check against with her papa about word spelling which she didn't know. When she had finished, she passed it to her papa happily.

Mommy found this interesting and therefore would like to share.

(note: person next to her name was her papa)

Until now, Shenny still occasionally reverted the shape of alphabet letter.

1 comment:

MK mummy said...

aww... so sweet. Is Shenny a papa girl?? I bet cha.

My girl is a 1000% papa girl.

Thank you for commenting on my blog. Malaika is slowly recovering from the flu episode. :)

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