Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gift to Grandma 61st Birthday

Below was a picture drawn by Shenny and this was given to her grandma in her 61st birthday as present. Her grandma was happy and surprise to receive this from her because Shenny was the only one did this among all her grandchildren. Therefore, mommy would like to keep a log of this special gift in Shenny's blog.

Shenny not only drew the picture and she also made a little pocket behind this picture to keep a candy for her grandma. Mommy forgot to take photo of that.

Mommy asked Shenny to explain about her picture, after she had completed drawing and writing all the greeting words.

Her explanation was as below:
  1. A bird was singing a song.
  2. Her favourite cousin (Emily jie jie) in pink was dancing beside grandma.
  3. Her grandma (in middle) was happily playing a ball.
  4. Shenny was hiding in a cage and there is a worm crawling on top of the cage. (Mommy asked her why she wanted to hide in the cage, she said just for fun.)
  5. She gave a ladder and a pig for her grandma. (Shenny couldn't explain this, but mommy think the ladder might mean in chinese : 步步高升 "blossom in everything" )


MK mummy said...

nice painting, well done, Shenny.

hehehe... I also wonder why she wanted to be in the cage. ;)

Joshua's mummy said...

nice picture, Shenny. Clever gal

Zara's Mama said...

her drawing and chinese writing is so nice.... clever girl.

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