Thursday, January 21, 2010

On Facebook

My niece, Zhii Zhii and nephew, Hong Hong came to stay with us over the weekends because their parents had to go back hometown to attend a wedding. Of course, Shenny was very excited because she could play with them.
Zhii2 and Hong2 took this opportunity to spent time at computer...playing one of facebook's game - Restaurant. At home, their mother restricted them to do so.
Since we have two computers at home, so each of them could occupy one. Then Shenny sat with them and learnt with them on how to play the "Restaurant" game. Occassionally, Shenny also got chance to help them out to play the game when one of them need to do other things eg. taking shower, toilet and etc..
There are two parts which mommy remember how Shenny help them:
1) Shenny helped to click to visit each Zhii2's friend house, if Shenny saw cases like fire, water leaking and etc, she could click on them to earn points.
2) Shenny helped Hong2 to buy lots of accessories which spent more than 2000 points. When Hong2 came back to see his game..he was shocked and said "aiyo, Shenny spent most of my points, now I only have 600 points left."

Zhii Zhii made a good suggestion to mommy, "Er Yi (二姨), why not open a facebook account for Shenny since she loves to play the game"
Mommy laughed and said "Open a facebook account for a 4 year old child, you must be kidding."

Till now, mommy hasn't decided to create a facebook account for Shenny yet.


Joshua's mummy said...

wow, kids nowadays are so "advanced" in using the computer huh? Think I only started using computer in school when i was in Secondary 1! That also once a fortnight only!!!!

MK mummy said...

you know what, my hubby has opened a gmail account for my girl, and she is not even 4 years old. He said wo.. reserve the name first, good idea, I should open FB account for my two children.

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