Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Present and Cutting

Aunty Yee Wah from The Netherlands gave Shenny an Advent Calendar and some bracelets as christmas presents when her visit to Malaysia early December last year (2009).

Advent Calendar - Shenny gotta chance to eat chocolates almost every day before Christmas. She would unseal each box inside the calendar each day according to date, to take out the chocolate and eat.

Bracelets - Shenny would ask mommy to let her wear the bracelet if she remembers before go out

On the back of advent calendar, there are some princess pictures. Shenny told mommy that she would like to cut out those princess pictures when the chocolates are finished.
Finally, Shenny finished all 24 days of mini chocolates on 9th January 2010. When mommy was about to throw away the advent calendar, Shenny quickly reminded mommy about the pictures at the back. So, mommy kept that for her.

On next day of Sunday morning, Shenny asked permission to cut the princess pictures. Then mommy let her do it. After a while, Shenny suddenly came to mommy and said "Mommy, I accidentally cut my dress." But mommy was not agree with her excuses and asked her "How come? Can you tell me how did you accidentally cut your dress?" Then Shenny began to cry and could not answer.
Then, mommy told her "Let me take the picture and show Chii Chii jie jie since the dress is from her. I think she would be very upset." Shenny just kept on crying. Mommy saw her eyes with tears and could not continue to question her anymore. So, mommy could not tell whether she did it on purpose or really accident as she claimed...OO;

The hole is about 1cm big, pointer indicated.

Some done and undone princesses pictures cutting.

Later on, mommy asked Shenny "Do you want to continue cutting?" She replied "Don't want. My hand is sore."


凯凯&萱萱 said...


Shenny's mommy said...

This message is from one of mommy's friend.

haha.. Shenny was engrossed when cut the princess pictures.

Zara's Mama said...

don't think she'll purposely cut the dress kua.. so nice the dress.

MK mummy said...

Malaika enjoyed opening the advent calendar every day, she had 2, one for morning and the other one, when the sky got dark. She had so much chocolate during Dec.

It is really luck if you want to experience snow in Dec. Go to the mountain, chances to see snow is much higher.

momslittletreasurebox said...

aww poor thing...too engrossed until made a whole in her dress....nevermind..patch it up :P

Health Freak Mommy said...

The bracelets are so pretty!

ChloeRuoyi said...

So ngam wor... Shenny also did this at 4 years 6 months. I think both the girls cried because of guilt. When I asked Chloe why she did it, her answer was a lame excuse of "because teacher wasn't looking". Hmm...

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