Monday, July 1, 2013

'..want to give...but I like..."

This is an extremely backdated post.  It was drafted by mommy three years ago in March, 2010. At that time, Shenny was 4 year old.  Mommy forgot to publish it in the blog.

Here is the story:

Shenny had her after school tea with mommy in Pak Li Restaurant today. While waiting for food to be served, Shenny took out a jelly from her pocket to show mommy. She happily told mommy that she got this jelly from her teacher and proudly added that she was the only one get this in the class. Mommy asked her why. She told mommy she was very behave in the class today.

After our tea, we went to shop some fruits in the Ong Tai Kim Supermarket. While mommy was choosing the fruit, another mommy with a little girl on hand also came to choose the fruit.
Shenny saw the girl cute and told mommy in soft voice, "I want to give this jelly to the little girl". Mommy told her gotta ask the little girl's mommy first, because some mommy does not want their children to accept things from a stranger. But Shenny didn't ask and she didn't give the jelly to the girl.

Afer a while, we bounced into the little girl again, mommy told shenny, if you really want to give the girl your jelly, go ahead. Shenny then answered mommy, I really want to give her my jelly but I like my jelly.. Ah...what kind of answer is this?


cre8tone said...

Can see really want to give.... But.........

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

That is so kind of her

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