Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Shenny's 8th Birthday

Shenny celebrated her eight year old birthday at home two weeks ago.
She invited eight friends and her three favorite teachers (Ukulele, Piano and Art) to her birthday party.
The following were some activities done in the party:
First, Shenny and her bestie Lyn Xuan sang A Thousand Years with piano accompanied by Shenny's piano teacher (Nicole Yap).  A Thousand Year song was initially introduced by Lyn Xuan.  Shenny found the song nice and gradually loved the song too.

Second, Shenny and her piano teacher played duet Beauty and The Beast.  All the guests  surrounded at piano side to listen to this beautiful piece.

Third, Shenny and her bestie Lyn Xuan entertain the crowd by singing A Thousand Years again while Lyn Xuan tried to play the song with ukulele.

Then, they had sometimes to play ukuleles (only those friends know ukulele joined the performance):

 After that, they had some games:

Before party ends, Shenny opened the birthday presents:


Mummy Gwen said...

Happy Birthday to Shenny! She had a great birthday party there. :)

ChloeRuoyi said...

Happy belated birthday, Shenny. What a nice home party you had. I'm sure it was a wonderful one filled with nice food, nice music, laughter and happiness :)

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