Monday, March 8, 2010

School Punishment

Case 1: Talk in line

Shenny:"I talk in line today for two times and I got to call into office for two times".
Mommy was surprised to hear Shenny told me this.
Mommy: "What happen?"
Shenny:"I talk to my friends in assembly"

Shenny told mommy again next day after school.
Shenny:"I talk in line one time, I only go into office one time"
Shenny seemed very proud of herself because she was caught once today only. Mommy immediately corrected her.
Mommy:"It is not good to speak to your friend when have assembly. Your name will be black-listed.".
Shenny:"What is black-listed?"
Mommy:"Black-listed means you have done something not good, teacher has written down your name. Next time, if something bad happen, teacher will think of you first.
Shenny:"Why think of me?"
Mommy:"Because teacher thinks you are bad children,you might do it"
Shenny:"I am not bad children, why..."

Case 2: Call into principal office

Tonight, Shenny read a story for mommy, there has a sentence written as "One, Two, Three". And Shenny pronounce "Three" incorrectly. And mommy tried to correct her.
Shenny: "Teacher read this way"
Mommy:"I thought you said Mrs Simpson told you to read 'three' in 'free' sound"
Shenny:"Yes, but teacher xxxxx read that way"
Mommy"You can tell teacher xxxxx"
Shenny:"No, I don't want to tell her, then I am called into office to see Teacher XXXXX (her kinder's principal) again"

Mommy was surprised to get this response from her and contacted the principal next morning. The principal was also surprised to know this and promised to correct this right away.

Mommy then checked with Shenny whether the principal had talked to her.
Shenny replied,Teacher XXXXX said I can raise my hand to tell the teacher.

Case 3: Stand in front of class

It happened once mommy caught Shenny was punished in the school. She was asked to stand in front of her class.

Shenny sheepishly told mommy later that she got this punishment because she had ignored her teacher's warning. The warning was not to kick and play with a chair when teacher teaching.


michelle@mybabybay said...

Maybe you should ask her about rewards, then she will look forward to be a good gal. :)

laundryamah said...

wat? at kindy hv to b called into principal's office???? gila ka??

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Mummy, ha ha, love the lively conversation. Kids learn what they hear.
And your daughter sure a cute doll. Love that pic of her.
You should frame it up.

When I was her age, and 2nd day of school, I ran away from school. Sure caused a panic. The cops found me about 2 miles away.
And I was the only kid brought to school in a police van, ha ha.
The cops threatened to put me in jail if I ran away again.

And the teachers wished I had few years later I scared and frightened my teachers when I sneaked in snakes or iguanas into class....
if you have never seen teachers in cheong sums or sarongs scrambling up their tables or out the doors jammed with students all rushing out...I have, ha ha.

And I have broken the all time record for writing lines in school, "I must not bring snakes to school"...1000 lines.
I finished lots of exercise books, and my mom taught her Apple doing homework, ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Zara's Mama said...

so young get punishment already?
I would complain to the principal!

Poor thing ler our kids these days.

Mummy Gwen said...

Huh..she's only 5 years old..need to be punished meh?

Shenny's mommy said...

Heard from Shenny, the principal normally use his hand to smash her hand or sometimes use a ruler. Then, she will lightly cry but still need to apology for misbehave. Yet, she still loves to go to school.

Alice Law said...

Hey... you girl's kindy is so strict!! Kick and play with chair also must be punished?!! I did that through out my school days though I didn't get any warning from teachers... :p

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