Friday, March 5, 2010

Do Houseworks

Nowadays, Shenny always asks mommy to let her help in houseworks.

At home, mommy only allows Shenny to wipe tables.

If she wipes table, she will first wipe coffee table, her chair and computer table.

It happened once that mommy caught Shenny used the same cloth she used to wipe tables to wipe her foot, then she continued to wipe tables all over again. Gosh! it was so disgusting when mommy saw this. Ha...she is playing more than helping.

Mommy also thinking to let Shenny to mop floor at home, but mommy could not find the proper size of mop for her.

Ha..Shenny was so excited to find grandmother's house had a mop that suite her size.

Let's see how Shenny mop the floor...


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Lady, wow! You got a great daughter there...a good future wife. Someday she'll make a man proud of her.
Have fun and enjoy her....very good girl.

I had a friend, his wife passed away and he brought up his baby girl, a few moths old.
On his own.....he went to cooking classes, then taught his daughter when she was 9 how to cook simple dishes. As well clean house.

You can imagine a 9 year old, standing on a small stool in the kitchen cutting vegetables, and cooking for her father. And cleaning house too.

All his and wive's relatives, grandparents scolded him for bringing up his daughter himself....and he proved them wrong later.
His daughter scored top marks in school,can cook well by 12, and later graduated from a Swiss Finishing school....she growing up into a beautiful young lady.

Oh ya, he taught her to count by 3, using playing cards. By 6 she was an expert poker player...we had to stop her from playing with us. Very embarrassing lose to a 6 year old, ha ha. Lee.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

It is good that Shenny is helping mommy to house chores, good start to train her to become mommy's helper.

I like the way she mop the floor. She was using all her strength to mop and mop...hehe.

By the way, how old is Shenny now? She is very tall.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hi Shenny's mommy, I just saw your reply from your previous post and from there I know Shenny's age:-0)


Zara's Mama said...

Wow.. so good want to help out.

Mine only knows how to ask the maid to do.. :P

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