Monday, May 13, 2013

Ballet Rehearsal (2013)

This is a back-dated post again.

As usual, before the actual Ballet exam, mommy and papa were invited to sit in to watch Shenny's Ballet Pre-exam performance.  Her actual exam would fall on two weeks later.

For this year, the examiner would assess students based on group (4 and 2 persons) and individual performance.

Below were photos taken during rehearsal and on the actual exam day:

And the following were some dances prepared for the exam.

1) Dance 1

2) Dance 2

3) Dance 3

4) Dance 4

4) Dance 5

6) Dance 6


Small Kucing said...

wow she is learning so much ....singing, piano, instrument and ballet....very accomplished young lady

Mummy Gwen said...

She is such a talented girl. So proud of her.

Yan said...

Hoi Ting is growing a talented young lady. Thumbs up to Shenny and also mummy.

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