Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Day at Cyberjaya and Putrajaya

This is a backdated post.

One of the weekends, papa drove mommy and Shenny to Cyberjaya since we had never been there.  We spent a day there.

Actually, there was not many things to see in Cyberjaya.  We saw many office buidings, a university and apartments. While we were driving around, we found out there was a big park, quite beautiful.  And we decided to explore the park but it was very hot.
Shenny requested to allow her to carry her little umbrella but she used it for a while only.  Mommy had to help her carry it because she could not carry umbrella while exciting at the playground.

What we see in the park? 

A giant clock at park's entrance.

Shenny spent almost an hour at this big playground.

 We walked over a bridge to reach a small island in the middle of the lake.  There were many lotus flowers in the pond.

Shenny took these photos, lotus and its seed.

Mommy spoted a hanging bird nest from afar.
After that, we decided to go further to Putrajaya since it was nearby.  Shenny was excited when we told her there was a cruise at Putrajaya, and she get to cruise before when she was smaller.  Then, she asked us to take her for cruise again.  However, by the time we reached Putrajaya, it was nearly 6pm, we were late for cruise.

We managed to explore few places in Putrajaya near its big lake and also visited the Alamanda Shopping center for dinner.  Hehe, we spent nearly 30 minutes to locate the shopping center.  We looked for it from Precint 1 to Precint 16.  It is in Precint 16 if anyone happens want to visit the shopping center there.

The Alamanda Shopping center is not big shopping center, and it has both Parkson and Carrefour there.  After having our dinner there, we headed home around 9.30pm.


Sheoh Yan said...

I remember I was there too a few years ago. It was really difficult to find the shopping center, we gave up to have dinner there at the end, and went back to hotel buffet. You should pluck the bird nest back, it is quite costly now, and it is believed to bring good fengshui.

Shenny's mommy said...

@Sheoh Yan: Luckily we asked one guy waiting at bus stop. He told us the place, else, I think we were thinking to give up too.

I wish to pluck the bird nest too but it was very far, and the tree was inside the bush. We took this photo by zooming in.

prince n princess mum said...

The big playground looks superb!~ I'm sure all kids love it!~

Merryn said...

just look at the way she pose! lol.. she's becoming a little model, ur missy! :P

anney said...

Nice park! Shenny is a good photographer!!

ChloeRuoyi said...

It must be really HOT in the park and playground cos I see only Shenny there and no other kids :) I agree that the Alamanda Shopping Centre is very hard to find. We've been there twice and twice also we got lost haha :D

Shenny's mommy said...

@Chloe's mommy: Shenny was not the only one at the playground. There was five more kids at playground during that time.

Chew Lee said...

there is nothing much to see in Putrajay and Cyberjaya... and too hot for playground....

Alice Law said...

Wow, spending your whole day in Putrajaya and Cyberjaya! Salute your staminas, we'd probably complain legs pain and my husband will certainly keep cursing the scorching sun even for an hour stroll!

anney said...

It has been a long time since I've been to a park. I wanted to visit one maybe this year.

Hayley said...

I only have one thing to say, Shenny is really good at posing! hehe ;)

Annie Q said...

Shame to said, i have not been to cyberjaya or putrajaya, pass by only and there is once we went there for fireworks show, that's it.

Huge playground, i think my boys will love that, but definitely not a good idea to go on a hot sunny day.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Haha, I like her last pose.

I just brought Sarah for the Perahu riding on few weeks ago. It was fun!

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